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Borealis physiotherapy products are used by more than 200 specialists and hospitals all over Estonia.

Our product range has been thoroughly tested and recognized by professionals in the Estonian associations of Manual Medicine and Chiropractic.

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Wisemedia OÜ

“Massage chairs are suitable for companies of all sizes and in any field, as it is a great way to take care of the employees. A relaxed employee is a happy employee!”

Ramirent Shared Services AS

“We decided on getting a massage chair rather than standard massage because the chair can be used by more people during the day, making the service more accessible to more workers.”

Ensto Ensek AS

“Employees appreciate the convenient opportunity to use the massage chair during their rest – this is enjoyed regularly.”

Pains from being in a same position for a long time are the most common occupational disease in Estonia

Neck, lower back, wrist or shoulder pains are suffered every year by 74% Estonians with sedentary work.

96% of our customers say that using the massage chair offered by the company has reduced the pain caused by their working body position.

In Estonian businesses over 300 Borealis massage chairs are taking care of the employees.

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