Ensto Ensek AS

“Decorating the gym, we thought about the tools to buy there- we wanted to provide our employees with a comfortable and healing break experience. So, the idea about the massage chair was created. We rented two models: the older model Luxus for the Tallinn factory and the newer Ultra Plus 3D model for the Keila factory, which has experienced a special approval. Our massage chairs are used on daily basis.

Despite our large number of employees, employees have been able to regulate the chair’s use nicely, and so far, they have been happy. Speed and accessibility are important to them! Employees appreciate the convenient opportunity to use the massage chair during their rest – this is enjoyed regularly. Often, a massage chair and the added light therapy opportunity is used together. The ability to turn yourself off and relax your muscles is highly appreciated by our employees.

I believe that it is worth for companies to try using a massage chair- to test out how it works. Suitable models can be found, for example, at the Borealis samples showroom. Employees are certainly grateful for such added value. “

– Jane Änilane, Ensto Ensek AS