Ramirent Shared Services AS

“Because the nature of our work requires long hours behind the computer and sometimes even overwork, we decided to offer change for our employees to relax without need to leave the office. We decided on getting a massage chair rather than standard massage because the chair can be used by more people during the day, making the service more accessible to more workers. We chose the Ultra Plus 3D model for rent.

The number of our employees is quite high. So, from the beginning we started using the Outlook calendar, where everyone can book for up to 30 minutes, with the massage chair. The number of users varies but there has definitely developed a group of people who use this opportunity on a daily basis.

Since the massage chair is in our quiet and dark room, it is perfect way to get out of your workday for a moment and take a moment for yourself. The feedback is very positive! The complains are rather about that there is not enough time to use it. Here, however, we try to promote the fact that in 5 minutes a fast relaxation and enjoyment is truly possible.

After taking the chair into use in our company, we have noticed that many workers who have had problems with the back and the shoulder area have benefited from it: for them there are special programs. People have also begun to pay more attention to their sitting position and posture, thus reducing their ailments. In addition, the massage chair also offers the possibility to turn yourself off during the workday, giving a positive flow of energy to successfully complete the day. Keeping it under a secret I can tell that some people go to the office on weekends for the purpose of fully enjoying the peace and quiet while using the massage chair!

For those companies who are considering getting a massage chair, I would recommend renting it to businesses! In addition to the health of workers, it also has a positive impact on saving employees’ time as the massage opportunity is available on site. For example, it is good to try introducing the use of hourly eye rest. I recommend renting, because then you never have to worry about technical matters. Always very helpful Maia Borealis is a quick phone call away are ready to help.”

– Liisa Digman, Ramirent Shared Services AS