Wisemedia OÜ

“The massage chair has been in our office since May 2017. Our wish to rent the chair came from wanting to offer the employees the opportunity to relax during the workday.  The acceptance was very warm and there were many curious wonderers. The first use was easy: the remote for controlling the chair was very understandable, which certainly simplified the usage. There are a lot of different massage programs and everyone found a suitable for themselves.

Workers appreciate the relaxing opportunity during the workday that the massage chair enables the most. In addition, the chair is used by our sportsmen, for whom it is a good relief for muscle tension. Although in our field it is quite a common thing, people are always very positively surprised when they see the chair for the first time- and wish to try it out.

Massage chairs are suitable for companies of all sizes and in any field, as it is a great way to take care of the employees. A relaxed employee is a happy employee!”

– Head of Personnel, Wisemedia OÜ