Disinfectant solution generator

Monthly payment from 11.42  / 24 months


The disinfectant solution generator is a device for making a chemical-free cleaning agent.
Regardless of the environment we are in, there are invisible sources of bacteria around us that cannot be effectively eliminated by traditional disinfection methods. The disinfectant solution generator can easily and quickly kill a large number of bacteria in our vicinity.

How does it work?

The disinfectant solution generator works on the principle of electrolysis, in which the electrodes electrolyze a mixture of salt and water into sodium hypochlorite – a strong chlorine solution that destroys pathogenic microorganisms or bacteria.

How to use?

Plug the power cord into the device and then into an electrical outlet.                             
 Add 30g of salt and 1.5L of water. Then mix the salt and water.  
 Press the Start/Stop button and wait until the appliance has finished making the non-chemical cleaner.   
 Once completed, the cleaning agent is ready for use immediately. The remaining cleaning agent is usable for 24 hours.

What can be cleaned with a non-chemical cleaner?

The disinfectant is suitable for cleaning home and office surfaces and toys. In addition, to remove pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables.
At home, the chemical-free cleaning agent is suitable for disinfecting kitchen utensils, TV controllers, toothbrushes and other work surfaces.
The chemical-free cleaning agent is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly