Eye massager iSeeM

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Refresh your tired and exhausted eyes with the help of our new eye massager iSeeM.

How it works?

The eye massager with music therapy uses the air pressure massaging techniques that focuses on our eye area and around it. In combination with warming the device stimulates blood circulation, trims the skin around the eye and reduces swelling under the eyes. iSeeM stimulates the metabolism of subcutaneous tissues and relaxes the surrounding muscles.

How to use?

Any eye makeup must be removed before using the device or a cosmetic napkin must be placed between the eyes and the device. The massager can then be placed on the eyes, its size must be adjusted to suit you, and then you can choose between three programs of different durations and qualities. The best way to use this massager is to stay in a sitting or lying position.

If the inner surface of the eye massager leather fabric is dirty, it can be easily cleaned with a damp tissue. The eye massager works wirelessly and comes with a charger. Thanks to the folding design of the eye massager, it can be easily and safely carried anywhere.


Dimensions: 22cm*11cm*12cm

Power: 5W