Feet massager SPA


Monthly payment from 15.15  / 36 months

The feet massager is a really good tool for tired or tense feet and offers a quick way to relieve the places that trouble you. There are several points beneath the soles of the feet, which can be massaged to improve the balance of the whole body. The massager can be used to relax tired feet, helping to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Daily use of the massager helps prevent development of varicose veins.

How does it work?

The feet massager SPA is beautiful and simple in appearance and has effective functions. If you wish, start the massage by turning on the heating function so that the infrared heater integrated in the feet massager prepares the area to be massaged. The three different automatic programs of the feet massager SPA offer the possibility to enjoy a relaxing foot massage at the touch of a button:

  • Reduce pain – is intended to relieve muscle or joint pain.
  • Relieve fatigue – this program is suitable for tired feet, that comes from being on feet for long hours.
  • Comfortable enjoyment – is literally a program to enjoy, focusing on peaceful relaxation.

In addition to the use of automatic programs, it is also possible to take advantage of the benefits of the air compressing pads that squeeze the muscle, relax and relieve joint tension and reduce stiffness. For all the above mentioned benefits, the foot massager SPA massage strength can be adjusted between three different levels, so that everyone can find the pleasure of enjoying the massage.

How to use?

To use, connect the foot massager to the power outlet and place it on a dry and flat surface, preferably in front of a seat. Place your feet in the feet massager and then turn the device on. Choose one of the three automatic programs that suits you the best or set up the massager manually. The massager can be easily moved and replaced in between usage.

Feet massager’s textile cover is easily removable with a zipper and is easily washable.


Power – 60W
Package dimensions – 56cm*55cm*59cm

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