iScalp2 mini-massager


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The whole-body massager iScalp2 with a waterproof design is ideal for use in the bath or while taking a shower. The massager that fits perfectly in hand, has four rubber beads with which’s good movements it is possible for the device to mimic the work of a real masseur.

How useful is iScalp2?

iScalp2 plays an important role in helping to better the circulation of the lymph, which, together with the blood, supplies the body with nutrients and oxygen and removes residues and toxins from the body.

Massage with iScalp2 stimulates blood circulation. Massaging the head will relieve tensions and relax muscles while reducing headaches and migraines and promoting hair growth.

How does it work?

iScalp2 is simple but also efficient massage device. The massager that fits perfectly in hand, has four rubber beads that mimic different massage techniques while moving in clock-wise and counter clock-wide. Thanks to the coordinated and extremely precise movements, iScalp2 mimics the massage done by a human hand. Microfiber bristles at the ends of the rubber beads and waterproof design allow the iScalp2 massager to be used in the bath or shower.

How to use?

To use, set iScalp2 comfortably in your hand and massage the desired places by moving the massager in the right direction, at the right speed.


  • Charging socket
  • Power adapter
  • USB cord
  • User manual

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