Laser acupuncture pen AK-2000-C

Monthly payment from 6.06  / 18 months


Acupuncture Pen is a high-quality electric device based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Developed with the help of scientists, this therapy device works with the help of electrostimulation and with its acupuncture principles, it helps to diagnose and treat conditions inside the body.

The Acupuncture Pen is recommended by physiotherapist Lauri Rannama.

How does it work?

There are homeostatic acupuncture points in our body and through stimulating them enhances the body’s ability to regenerate itself and helps to heal diseased areas.

Internal organs energy deficiency or disorders can be diagnosed based on organ projections on the hand. However, for the treatment of musculoskeletal regions, projections of the body parts are used on both legs and hands. It is also helpful to use acupuncture points associated with a diseased area throughout the body.

Slightly rubbing the tip of the Acupuncture Pen on your skin causes a tingling sensation in the area of the organ requiring treatment. The sensitivity of the point is signaled by strong tingling sensation and muscle twitches. If the muscle twitches are irregular at first, they indicate a disturbance in that area.

The laser function of the Acupuncture Pen allows you to target the nasal cavity for treating, for example, to treat a nose or ears in which there are many areas of acupuncture. If a hearing aid is being used, consult a physician regarding the use of a laser.

How to use?

For diagnosis or treatment, the Acupuncture Pen must be held with one hand by the metal handle; the other hand being in contact with the patient’s skin surface. It is advisable to lubricate the skin with a water-based lotion prior to treatment using body points – this improves the electrical conductivity of the skin.

The strength of the impulse should normally be in the range of 1–3 and its suitability can be tested at a so-called control point. It is located at the point of contact of the two arm lines, 1–1,5 cm below the index finger. If the strength is appropriate, it will not be felt at the control point. In total, the Acupuncture Pen has six strength levels.

The Acupuncture Pen should stimulate the point for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, after which the nerve functions should be balanced and the pain in the area should be reduced.

The Acupuncture Pen works with the battery and comes with a box and a charger. If wished, a separate spare battery can be purchased from Borealis. The Acupuncture Pen is warranted for two years and may be replaced in the event of a defect.

If you use the pen three times a week on average, its battery will last at least two years. The products life span depends on how often it is used, but based on the feedback from Borealis customers, the product will last five or more years.


Dimensions: 21 cm x 30 cm 7 cm

Works with a 3 V battery

The European Travel Adaptor must be purchased separately as the battery charger is not suitable in Europe.