Massager iScalp

Monthly payment from 6.06  / 18 months


iScalp allows you to massage all body parts that need tension relief or muscle relaxation. Comfortable hand-held massager imitates the hands of an experienced masseur with its four rubber heads that have a good mobility.


  • Three massage modules
  • Two different level of speed
  • Rubber head removal option
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless

How does it work?

iScalp is a simple but very effective massage device. Made to fit in a hand very comfortably with four rubber heads that mimic various massage techniques by moving clockwise and counterclockwise. Thanks to the coordinated and highly accurate mobility, iScalp allows you to massage all body parts that require refreshing. Microfibre bristles at the end of the rubber heads and waterproof design allow the iScalp massager to be used in a bath or while taking a shower.

How to use?

To use set the iScalp comfortably to your hand and massage the places to your liking by moving the massager in the right direction at the right speed for you.

  • Charging compartment
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Manual