Monthly payment from 16.62  / 48 months


Muvman is the most distinctive office chair in our product range, based on new ergonomics technology, it allows you to sit upright when you want.

Sitting for hours in an aging office chair slows down our blood circulation in our feet. In case of chairs with a high seating surface, the whole-body weight is directed from the top down, which results in a significant disruption of blood circulation through the buttocks and back. However, using the Muvman ergonomic office chair to sit, you focus your entire weight on just two buttocks. As a result, the legs above the seat surface are free to move freely throughout, and the circulation is no longer disturbed. It is also possible to adjust the Muvman’s height taller than the usual height range. This allows you to work from behind a desk in an essentially upright position and stretch your legs after sitting for several hours.

Muvman’s excellent mobility and flexibility is due to the tilted leg and its flexible mechanism that follows every movement of the person sitting in the chair, ensuring a correct and regular posture.

Muvman has a stylish, elegant and foremost comfortable design.