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The ergonomically designed VacumPro is an adjustable intensity vacuum massage device with heating, electrostimulation and laser therapy functions.

Physiotherapist Lauri Rannama recommends.

How does it work?

VacumPro is a therapy device with several different influencing factors, which is a handy tool for masseurs, physiotherapists, chiropractors and Chinese medical therapists. VacumPro is characterized by four main factors that can be used simultaneously: Vacuum therapy has varying degrees of absorption strength, which is suitable for dome therapy and vacuum massage. With the help of heat therapy, the temperature of the area to be treated can be warmed up, which makes the whole procedure more comfortable. In the case of electrical stimulation, there are two electrodes inside the therapy surface of the device and two additional adhesive electrodes. Electrical stimulation is suitable for relieving pain and improving muscle activation. Low intensity red laser with two modes, pulsating and continuous light. Suitable for influencing acupuncture and trigger points and increasing the energy potential of red blood cells through the nasal passage.