Wowos hand massager

Monthly payment from 8.50  / 18 months


Wowos is a wireless hand massager with a modern design that uses air pressure and heat compression technology when working.

How does it work?

The hand massager has five different air cushions that are specifically designed for nails, fingers, to the center of the palm, and the left and right edges. Wowos helps to relieve tensions, reduce joint pain and stimulate blood circulation using reflexology and needle pressure technique. The zone therapy originates from Chinese medicine and science-based results have shown that it has the potential to affect the whole body – prevent the development of ailments, improve health and balance the body.
We recommend the use of the hand massager to people who work behind a computer using the mouse and keyboard, who work for long periods of time doing handcrafts or make movements in a forced position, suffer from arthrosis, feel stiffness or pain in the hands.

How to use?

Wowos hand massager has 5 different modes and besides, it is possible to choose between 3 different intensities of the massage. After turning on the device by pushing the on/off button, you have to choose a massage mode, and if desired the strength of the massage, and press the ON button. During each mode, the pressure can be reduced as wished by pressing the button for that. The product has three automatic 10-minute programs. Wowos hand massager can be used in the comfort at work, at home, or when traveling. The device works with a battery and its durability is 2 hours after charging.