iNeck3 Pro neck massager

Monthly payment from 8.68€ / 24 months


iNeck3 Pro is a C-shaped massage device with a heating function that helps to relieve tensions built up in the neck area.

An efficient and comfortable massager with a built-in heating function reduces muscle and joint tension in the neck. The C-shaped massager follows neck contour and focuses on very specific neck muscles, where a big part of the tension is restored. 270-degree C-shaped construction allows a 50% wider range of grip than other neck massagers. In addition, the neck massager has a heating function which helps to prepare and loosen the neck muscles for the upcoming massage session. The operation of the device can be controlled from the device and conveniently also from the phone via the app.

How is it useful?

Neck massage relieves tensions in the neck area, while also reducing headache and migraine. In addition, massage helps to relax the tensions gathered on the sides of the neck and spine area.

As a result of the massage, the blood supply improves and nutrients and oxygen-rich blood reach the brain.

How to use?

When the product is switched on, the heating function and the 10-minute program start automatically. If you want, you can turn off the heating function. It is possible to change between three speeds by repeatedly pushing down the power button. Altogether, iNeck3 Pro has three automatic programs which can also be changed like the speed by repeatedly pushing down the power button. The speed and intensity of the massage beads will be changed when changing from one automatic program to another. iNeck3 Pro has two massage beads.  To turn off the massaging device, hold down the power button.

iNeck3 Pro can be connected with an app that allows to comfortably control the device through Bluetooth using a mobile device. With an app, it is possible to regulate the speed of massage beads, their location, and the length of the massage session.

iNeck3 Pro has a battery that can be charged with a USB cord, making the device conveniently portable. Due to the low noise level of the device, the massage can be enjoyed anywhere without disturbing other people nearby.