Massage chairs

What is a massage chair?

A massage chair is a device that imitates human hand’s movements, which makes adding a massage service into a daily health routine as easy and cheap as possible. The massage chair copies the massage given by human hands whit its rollers and air cushions and is capable of giving different kinds of massages (including Tai massage, sport massage, Swedish massage, shiatsu-massage and reflexologists).

As a rule, massage chairs are equipped with manual as well as automatic setup possibilities. Manual setup setting allows to choose the area of massage, it’s depth and strength; automatic settings allow a 15-20-minute automatic programs for example recovering from a long sitting or to get a deeper sleep. Because the massage chair is a machine, it always fulfills its purpose without making any drawbacks.

Massage chairs differ from each other mainly with three aspects: their capability, their construction and their appearance. The capability of the massage chair depends on the different functions that the chair can offer. For example, the massage chair may have, in addition to roller and air cushion massage, the possibility of spine correction and hips rotation, full-body stretching system, 3D technology for adjusting the depth and length of the rollers, zero-gravity function for lowering heart rate and stress, separate foot and hand massage, technology for sensing the painful areas and body posture with sensors and heating and swinging functions.

Many massage chairs offer the possibility to connect your phone to the chair and listen to music or audiobooks during a session– some models can even synchronize the rhythm of the massage to the music you are listening to.

The construction of the massage chair can be either S-Track, which means that the rollers run from the neck to the lumbar region, or the L-Track, where the rollers reach from the neck to the middle thigh. In both cases, the massage rollers follow the natural shape of the human’s spine, but S-Track focuses primarily on the neck area and the L-Track buttock area – an area what is often overlooked even in case of ordinary massagers. Thus, when comparing the massage chairs, you can pick a suitable for you depending on whether you need a treatment for your buttock or shoulders.

The advantages of massage chair are the stabile quality, the comfort of using their service and the possibility to improve the regularity of massage enjoyment. The effectiveness of a quality massage chair will not be any worse than from a human. Massage chair does not use much energy and does not need special maintenance. Borealis chairs are built to last for a long time; therefore, they are suitable to all homes and companies while lasting for years.

In conclusion the massage chair is accurate and hard-working human hand imitating robot with a long-life expectance that you can choose exactly according to your personal desires and needs, making your daily health routine much more efficient and inexpensive.

Pains from being in a same position for a long time are the most common occupational disease in Estonia

Neck, lower back, wrist or shoulder pains are suffered every year by 74% Estonians with sedentary work.

96% of our customers say that using the massage chair that is offered to them in the company has lowered the pain coming from their working body’s positions.

In Estonian businesses over 300 Borealis massage chairs are taking care of the employees.

Selection of Massage chairs